December 31st, 2002

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Heres part of a letter to two old friends who have traveled a bit in these parts. You're missing some of the context, but I think it provides a decent summary of how this all came to be, and where its going.

weardown or tired? A bit of both. He and I had talked every 6 months or so for ages. He'd keep me up on the latest developments and such. Well I took a 1 week dive trip vacation to Cozumel, and he called just hours before I left. He was going to be out in SF in a few days and wanted to meet up. His new company had managed to continue to acquire funding in a very rough climate and I was impressed. So I went on vacation, and thought it over, decided I was interested to hear more. The first day I was back the CEO for my current company was doing a 'belt-tightening' speech, and the next day the other big boss rolled out a new time tracking system. Suddenly a small company sounded that much better. A big part of it was just that I discovered I liked the vacation and I wanted more. And I think I'll have a better vacation by being between jobs than I will if I am just on a break. I went to DC and interviewed, and was impressed, then he made a good offer. I figured 5 years of GLGC was enough, and this was a good time to do it.

The job in in Rockville, is maybe 6 miles from my current company's headquarters. From having done it before I know I'm not ready for suburbia quite yet. I've decided to live somewhere with a pulse even if it is expensive. I guess my yuppie stage is in full swing. Bethesda seems likely, but a few other locations are being discussed and its still just too early to know.

I fly into Dulles on the April 13th and start work on the 15th.

My schedule looks something like this
2/2 SFO ->BKK
3/2 BKK -> NAN (Fiji)
3/19 NAN->SYD
4/13 SYD->WAS

So 1 month in Thailand, 2 weeks in Fiji, 1 month in Australia.

For Thailand I was thinking about going north first, maybe seeing angor wat, and really throwing myself into being exposed to the language. I want to get a suit made, and take a cooking class. And probably get in some diving. There is a terrorist warning about Phucket Island so I may try to stay away.

Fiji will be with a dive shop, so I will actually know some folks most of that leg. They will leave on the 12 or so and I'll have some time to myself.

Australia, is wide open. No plans at all. But diving and maybe some surfing could be nice. Word is a friend out here has a brother over there, who may even have a boat. So I need to get some feelers out.

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I just walked up to the management company's office. I gave a written 30 day notice, and our final month's rent. I followed a hippiechick who was kicking up and dancing on the fallen soaked leaves. Smokey Joe's Cafe, Berkeley's oldest vegetarian restaurant, was open. That's the first time in 3 years here I've ever seen it open. This is a sign, and who am I to argue. Piano concertos played as two old hippies behind the counter talked about religion. It was empty when I came in, but almost packed by the time I left. Most of the folks could have been anywhere, but an old hippie in an earthlink hat came in with his daughter and granddaughter. While he rolled a joint, they worked on a laptop. I'm really going to miss this place.

Coming back to the apartment I have to walk around the small lake that blocks easy access to our door. I'm greeted by the hum of a dehumidifier, drying out the carpet in front of the bathroom from a recent leak in our toilet. For 3 days the house has been extra dank and stinky. I'm not gonna miss this apartment.
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I took 'Thailand' from the growing stack of lonely planet books, and headed out for dinner. A BigAss© Raccoon startled me while heading to Ninos (sorry no en-yae on my keyboard) a brazilian place around the corner. We went to Ninos for a couple of the 2002 World Cup games. Mad Dog in the Fog, and cha-cha-cha too. But Ninos became this great combination of a sports bar, a sweatbox, and a church.