January 2nd, 2003

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New Years. Two years in a row, where the highlight was riding bart. Thousands of drunks packed into a train riding under the bay. Maybe I shouldn't enjoy that, but I did. For New Years day I drove down to Pacifica, went out on the pier, watched the waves break and caught the sunset. A sea lion kept playing with the crabbers nets, and stealing their catch.

I know I keep mentioning the hippies. Just before hopping on I-80 I spotted a hitchhiker. He's only the second one I've ever picked up, but I was in no hurry. He and his dog were headed a bit north, to blow glass. They had been in town to catch the string cheese incident show, and the other ones. I figured I could at least get him across the bay bridge. His name was 'pockets' and he stank of sweat and patchouli. I drove for the next hour with the windows open.


Mozilla 1.3a has bayesian spam filtering, and it works really well for me.

TiVo seems to now have a 30 second skip feature.


I should mention I'm looking for a 2+ bedroom place in Bethesda, MD. Georgetown would also be considered. I won't be able to take it until April or May.