January 10th, 2003

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tonight's drink - buffalo ridge zinfandel 1999

I did it. I told everyone at work. Its no longer a secret. No more need for white lies, no more selective story telling. They know that I'm leaving. I couldn't be sure what to expect, and I was wound up pretty tight last night sweating the details. But everyone took it well.

Its not the overriding force in my life, but I've got what I was raised to call 'the protestant ethic'. Since my mother is catholic, and my religious beliefs don't align with any religion I'm familiar with, perhaps I'm not supposed to feel this way. After 4.5 years at this company I can't leave without feeling as though I'm giving up on the team.

No one really seemed to take it from the team's perspective though. Obviously neither did I. It was a bunch of individuals and they each had their own spin. I gave each one a gift. Something individual and personal. And they all seemed to take my announcement from their own perspective. How did this affect them? What would be different? What would be the same? Where was I going? Did this signal something about their fate? Despite telling the same news in detail 5 times, I don't think any of them heard more than a few identical words from me. The way I presented it was different, and so were their concerns.


Other news, it seems my laptop battery now has a max lifespan of about 5 minutes. whee!
I'm either bringing the laptop and buying a new battery or buy one of these
image tank
before I leave to go with my new digital camera.

Anybody got experience with these? or with traveling with a laptop?


Wondering about what's going on the inevitable war against Iraq and North Korea starting up the nuclear reactor and kicking out the UN? We started discussing and digging tonight. Don't ever trust one source for the full story (especially me) but we did some digging tonight.

Hans Blix head UN weapons inspector reports "no evidence of weapons of mass destruction found"

Ari Fleisher maintains that we know Iraq
has weapons of mass destruction. They've just been able to hide them

Reuters reports South Korea's YTN television quoted a North Korean diplomat in Beijing as saying the North would reconsider its withdrawal from the treaty if Washington resumed shipments of fuel oil. Washington halted the shipments after saying the North had admitted to pursuing a secret nuclear weapons program.

Going back aways I find 10/23/02 USA okays oil for North Korea that this has been escalating for some time.

So far as I can tell, if its not all about oil, oil is certainly the currency. North Korea justifies turning back on the reactor in Pyongyang so they will have enough oil to heat homes. The US, weary of nuclear possibilities, ensures that the oil supplies are cut off. Its not clear to me which came first. Does this predate the 'axis of evil' quote. What about the intelligence to back it up, if any? Either way the solution seems counter productive, but I know there is more going on here than meets the eye. Does anybody out there have more pieces of the puzzle?


Lastly. You've probably never seen my folks, let alone met them. Well lets start at the very begining. Here they are during a recent vacation to mexico. I love them more than I can explain. Anybody out there got links to pictures of their family?