January 19th, 2003

and the road becomes my bride

There is just under 2 weeks until I leave for Thailand. I'm using my time here as a sort of pre-vacation. Maybe its not that I'm seeing and doing things I normally wouldn't, but I know that I may not get to do these things again for a long time. This past weekend has been a lot of that. Making every excuse to join friends for a few more minutes together. Shooting pool, having a few drinks, and savoring the moments. Today goes down as a bit of a landmark that way.

2 sources had it that metallica might play a parking lot show outside the Oakland Raiders game. No guarantees, but nothing to lose either. This meant coordination, planning, and beer. 2 of these are not our strong suits. But we rode the bart down, and it was actually true. I've got tons of photos and videos. They played of old stuff, master of puppets being a particular favorite and really put on a great show. More amazingly, while it was well attended, it was a football crowd. They looked the part and to prove it everytime james hetfield starting talking between songs the crowd would drown him out with rolling chants of "rai-ders, rai-ders". When do you suppose was the last time Metallica played to a crowd that wasn't there to see them? As far back as the ill fated Montreal show they were considered a major act. And that was now over 10 years ago.

After the set, the mosh-pitting and some field bandaging we headed back to JRs place to watch the game. Play with fire and meat, and generally get wierd. None of it disappointed. Especially that wierd part. There were a lot of folks who were part of a great weekend. Some of them may even read this, so I'll say those things I don't say often enough. Thank you.

Got a fat pipe? 11 seconds in the pit.