February 3rd, 2003

Greeting from Thailand

I'm here. My last US meal was fried chicken and banana pudding.

The packing and cleaning were hellacious. I've given up ALL my keys. We all have a set of keys we carry all the time. Mine was an access card for my old company, and a building key. Both surrendered. A house key surrendered. And a car key, surrendered. If its true that we don't own possesions, but that possesions own us, I just became a free man. Even if its only a furlough, I'll take it.

The travel was a breeze. Met two other tavelers on the flights out. The only hitch so far is that the Peachy Guest house was full, so I'm around the corner at the New Siam Guest House Room 509 (ph#282 4554). $5.25 a night with a fan and a 5th story window. No idea how long I'll be there but if you need to reach me its a shot. By the 10th I should be meeting up with Sue and heading to Myanmar. In the meantime I'm gonna see if I can pull off some worthwhile diving, or if I should stay dry.

Short and sweet. I'm alive and loving it. I'm off to go create some stories.