February 5th, 2003

The decision to flee came quickly

Muay Thai was excellent. 10 fights, 3 Knock Outs. I sat in the front row next to a german sommelier names Hansel. And I've got tons of video including 1 or 2 KOs. Sadly I got so excited during the KO in the main event that I hit a wrong button, opening the compact flash and losing that particular video clip. My two South Africans, Lisa and Delia failed to show. Maybe there is a good excuse, but we'll probably never know. This morning I learned that we may be delaying Myanmar by a couple of days, which buys me enough time to head out for the Similan and Surinim to do some diving. But while I'm on a live aboard boat for a few days I will probably be out of email and journal contact. Thanks to all the folks who've been keeping me in the email loop. Even though I'm not responding much, its nice to hear goings on from friends back home. The Foxtrot cartoon was hilarious, especially given my recent hunt for mp3s here. And I am still trying to work out a few kinks with the place to store my photos, but I actually have the hard drive plugged in right now and have been able to verify that all the photos and video are coming out just fine.