March 2nd, 2003

Tailor made

So I've posted this to which is a travel resource I've used quite a bit. Its a summary of my experience with a tailor in the last 24 hours. Probably not the most fun thing of mine you'll read.

Other than that I did lots of shopping today (not something I generally enjoy) and last night I paid my taxes (not something anyone ever enjoys). Paying taxes while on a vacation, sounds like a pretty depressing vacation. But I think its pretty amazing that I can. All the money I owe will come via direct deposits. I entered my various forms as they came in and used to do the whole thing. No mail, no checks, no stamps.

And that reminds me of one quick Thailand thing. They really love their king. Which to an american is something that I thought only happened in fairy tales. Accordingly its considered horrible to say or do anything which would be considered an insult to the royal family. This includes stepping on money which bears the king's face, or licking any stamps that bear his face.