March 3rd, 2003

on a heavy trail head full of zombies

I'm below the equator for the first time in my life. I'm at the Sydney airport on a free terminal (thanks samsung). No major news to report, I mailed off all my goodies to the new company for about $50, which was far less than I had hoped. I did a river tour, then treated myself to an hour of thai massage (mmmmmmmm!) and a 30 minute foot massage (eh). So Phase 1 is at a close. From here on out its western style toilets. woo hoo.

While surfing a bit earlier I discovered that the island where I'll be in Fiji (tavenui) was seriously wiped out by a cyclone about 1.5 months ago. This doesn't change that I would go, but I have to wonder if anybody else on the dive trip was aware. Even more so I wonder what kind of shape the underwater world is in.

So tonight, I can finally find out what all that fuss is about ("There are stars in the southern sky, that when I see them I start to cry"). And try to disprove the coriolis effect, and um other things you do here. Like um.... any requests?