March 30th, 2003

surfin safari

Not quite enough time to do this right, but I'll do what I can.

I'm now in Hervey Bay and in about 30 minutes I leave for a 3 day drive-your-own-4x4 tour of Frazier Island. This will be my first time driving a stick in 7 years, and just to make things interesting I'll be off-roading while sitting on the right side of the car. This should be amusing. Maybe Naomi and I can compare notes when its all over.

Since my last update I've learned to surf. I took a 5 day surf school bus to get me from Sydney to Byron Bay. I'm not quite ready for the pro-circuit, but I can stand and ride across a wave, not just towards the beach. As I continue up the coast I will probably rent boards a few times, and try to improve on my own. However Frazier Island won't give me this chance, since it has lots of waves but even more sharks.

And odds are good that JC has worked out a place to live in Bethesda. So I may even have a place to stay when I get to MD.