April 28th, 2003

The DC files

I'm here, and I'm happy. I wasn't sure I'd be able to say that, but I think its safe now. I've been here for 2 weeks, and managed to accomplish a lot in that time. On the home front, I've moved into a new apartment with JC Diggans. He found a nice place, directly across the street from the the Bethesda metro station. Its a great location, with high ceilings, and a neighbor's wireless network which I'm using for this journal entry. Its a pretty good approximation of the things I loved about berkeley. There is about a billion restaurants in walking distance, a farmers market, and the fabulous Capital crescent trail, which I walked today. I'm rediscovering old friendships from when I lived here 4 years ago, and meeting new people as well. I go for walks and stumble across a marching band doing a practice walking down side streets, then a really polished brass band kicking it up in dupont circle. I've had a birthday (#27) and gotten phone calls, emails, and even a journal mention from people I miss all across the country. My folks have just returned from a short vacation to Branson, Missouri and in a weekend or two I'll be able to drive down to see them, and some other friends in north carolina.

I don't need to say a word

On the travel front here's the latest. Seems I shot 3500+ photos and 600 video clips. After filtering out the complete garbage, there is still about 2000 photos (haven't even touched the videos yet, ugh). I've been busy filtering these further to the cream of the crop, and I've caught up as far as australia. Our DSL will be setup soon, and I'll put a bunch of these up a on a server that JC and I will have (www.cariaso.com), so you should be able to see the whole show, if you're patient. Otherwise, just ask and I'll be happy to burn you a copy of the photos, and mail it off. It sounds like Sue and I will get together, compare photos, and tell each other all about the amazing things we saw. And soon I'll host a little apt warming party, where all are welcome to suffer through a slideshow while sampling some of the Aussie wines I brought back.

On the not so good side:
While in Berkeley, my car was broken into. They smashed a window and stole -- change. bastards.

The gal driving my car, picked up a good sized dent in the bumper while in Chicago.

A credit car was somehow stolen just as I left Berkeley. They ran up $300 in charges (mainly at a safeway), but I seem to have no liability. I learned this when I was opening the backlog of mail and found my card anonymously mailed back to me. How they got my address I have no idea.

The various checks I've had waiting to be deposited (end of the old company, as well as closing out a bank acct in Ca) have all had issues when being deposited (slight error in my name, etc), so I'm kind of hovering waiting for a lot of cash to come in.

but the biggest waiting game is my stuff. While it was easy to give a lot of advance notice about when I wanted all my stuff picked up, I had no idea when I'd have an apartment. So its taken almost 3 weeks for citytocity.com to deliver my crate. I've done these 2 weeks with only the clothes I carried here in my backpack, so I'm still sleeping on a sofa, and living like I'm not all that settled. It hasn't been a major inconvenience, but its not ideal either. It should be here on the 30th, so soon I will actually have more than one pair of pants.

work is very cool. I'm the first person with a computational background at this company (employee #11), so I've got a clean slate. Futhermore, there is a real need for my skillz, so I feel like I'm proving useful. Better yet, there isn't really anyone to second guess what I'm doing, so I've got great autonomy. I've been ordering, and then building hardware I bought used (may as well make use of this bad economy to save a buck). Linux has gotten amazingly easy to setup, relatively to the last time I did this back in summer 95. Yeah I'm old school. And although its not like walking to work *sigh*, I'm carpooling with JC, since we work pretty close together, and riding public transit, so I feel like I'm not being a complete parasite.

Last odd fact:

Linda from back in berkeley has been out here on a business trip visiting the Maryland office of my old company. We've gone out twice to catch up on stories, and just a have a good time. But when we do this with my wider circle of friends we (not too surprisingly) do this at a bar. Well, since Linda is a mormon, she doesn't tend to hang out in bars all that often. In fact, except for once when she was a minor and was quickly tossed, it seems that she's only been in a bar 3 times, and I was there all three times. Yes, I've got a mormon drinking buddy. Who gave me FRESH maple syrup from her family farm in Canada. I'm stoked. I know not many people can say that.

ob-la-dee. life goes on.