December 6th, 2004

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Right off the bat, I know I sound like a conspiracy nut. I wish I didn't. But its my blog and I'm allowed to.

I saw that the democratic party is going to investigate voting problems in Ohio. And it made me wonder what happened with the Nader recount in NH. Turns out that it was done, and the results came back extremely clean. The paper trail matched the electronic numbers.

Now just a few minutes ago on WikiPedia I see an article claiming

2004 U.S. presidential election controversy: In a sworn affidavit Monday, a former programmer for a NASA contractor said that he developed a vote-rigging prototype at the request of a then-Florida state representative, Tom Feeney, who is now a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The linked site is bluelemur and it seems about as trustworthy as this blog. But there is a link to the affidavit and I'm impressed by how correct the technical details of the software sound. Its very much how I'd design a system for this purpose.

It mentions a real company which can be verified from several other websites. If its not true someone will be able to debunk this one in no time. But if its real this needs to be spread far and wide.

In the vote fraud prototype that I created things are not what they seem. Hidden on the screen are invisible buttons. A person with knowledge of the locations of those invisible buttons can then use them to alter the votes of everyone before them. By clicking the correct order of invisible buttons the candidate selected by the user is compared to other candidates within that same race. If the candidate they selected is leading the race nothing happens. If the other candidate is leading the race the vote totals are altered so that the selected candidate is now leading the race with 51% of the vote. The other candidates then share the remaining 49% in exact proportion to the totals they had previously. In the prototype supplied to Feeney the vote totals show on the screen. In an actual application the user would receive no visible clues to the fraud that had just occurred. Since the vote is applied by race, any single race or multiple races can be altered. The supervisors or any other voter would never notice this fraud since no visible sign would appear. Additionally, the procedure could be repeated as many times as was necessary to achieve the desired results. No amount of testing or simulations would expose the fraud as its activation and process is completely invisible to everyone except the person programming the vote fraud routine.

The same procedure could be automated to activate without any user intervention whenever the machine detects a certain pattern of voting. The algorithm could also be altered from hidden keys or triggers that would allow the fraudulent user to manipulate both the margins and percentages of any particular race. In most national elections it is not necessary to win every area.

Yang Enterprises is currently under investigation by the FBI. Curtis has filed a suit with the state alleging the the firm also overbilled the state on
another contract, and his report of an illegal alien resulted in the arrest of a Chinese national in March who is accused of sending information on radar guidance chips for the U.S. Hellfire missile to China.