December 30th, 2004

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All of you know me, but few of you know all of me.

I'm a 28 year old software developer for biotech companies. Two years ago moved away from berkeley, spent a month in thailand and myanmar, then moved to DC for a new job. The company didn't last long, and I was unemployed for a few months. During that time I had gotten my feet wet as an independent contractor. I soon took a real job, and then a second one, making the jump to being a full time independent. Typically I work a 60+ hour week. Today that all ended. Or paused at least.

3 months ago I saw a window of opportunity where both jobs would be wrapping up significant projects. I decided to try and take a vacation. A big one. My original intention was to go for 4 months. Somehow thats now become 6 months. Truth be told, anything is possible. Accordingly I didn't feel there was any way to leave employers with that kind of uncertainty. Instead I just quit and said I'll keep in touch, and contact them when I return to DC.

celera seemed to go very well. I feel that I'm walking away from a job well done, without feeling like I'm leaving anything unfinished. There are good feelings all around.

SAIC isn't quite as wrapped up, which is frustrating. Ultimately the problem is my own inability to hold to a schedule. Specifically, delays with new machines and a particularly nasty bug have left me cutting it close at best, and in the worst case possibly dropping the ball. Time will tell.

On Jan 1 I expect to be out of DC. On Jan 18th I'll be catching a flight to Bangkok, from chicago. Between now and then I'm heading to madison, wi. Many of you may be shocked to learn that I've been seeing araceli for several years now. Its been off and on at various times, but since its been happily very on for one year it seems silly to keep it a secret any longer. Originally it made sense to be discreet, since we were coworkers. There was never really a time that it suddenly seemed like we needed to tell the world. But I suspect a lot of you might wonder if I failed to explain my absence from DC for 2 weeks before I leave for vacation.

My plan is to not have much of a plan. I loved myanmar previously, and expect to return. But this time I'll probably visit cambodia, laos, and vietnam. I'll bounce around for a few months, and then go visit mike kreidler in the ukraine. When I planned this trip, most americans considered SE Asia as that place from the vietnam war, and ukraine some anonymous ex-soviet republic. Today its a tsunami and an election with a a poisoned candidate. What will it be by the time I arrive? leave?