January 20th, 2005

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They tell me its 1/20/05 at 4:00am. All i know is I got on a bus at 7:00am on the 18th, rode a plane, and now I'm in bangkok. It was 3 degrees below zero when I left (pic) madison and its a humid (it just started to dump rain as I typed that) 75 degrees at the moment.
OK its really pouring rain, in a way that only the floridians can imagine.

I've already managed to log into my cluster of machines at saic, so for better and worse it seems I'll be able to continue to do work while I'm here. There has been substantial progress, since my last post. As araceli could tell you, I spent way too much time working on that issue in the last week while in madison.

On the 1st I put my life in a cage, locked the door and drove off. I spent a night in Ohio, and at fried mush in Upper Sandusky. I spent 4 days with Hozefa in Chicago. We caught up, managed to salvage files off his dying machine, and generally hung out. He graciously shared his sofa, a block from the John Hancock building. I graciously shared the cold I had contracted from Chad just before I left MD. After several flight delays due to a brutal storm I eventually picked up araceli, and we began to drive to Madison.

Madison was great. The storm that delayed araceli's flight was the most trecherous I had ever experienced. We drove only a short distance outside chicago, before spending the night in a motel with a neon lit hallway with elaborate disney murals and fake alien autopsy art. No explanation coul even begin to do justice.

I met araceli's new friends up there, explored the local cuisine, walked on frozen lakes, and got her to practice handling my car when it spins out on ice. We arranged for parking for the next couple of months, turned off my cell phone (goodbye 510-435-2077, you served me well), and generally put the last loose ends in place.

Madison->Chicago->Tokyo->Bangkok and 17 hours later here I am. Half awake and half a world away. I wouldn't have it any other way.

There seems to be a let-up in the rain, and I'm out of coins for the net ($1 = 1 hr). So until next time.