January 25th, 2005

Pictures are up

I've just uploaded a bunch of images. Here are the thumbnails.

You have the full originals sitting there, but you probably only want to look at the _small.jpg versions. Since the connection is just not that fast.

There is also video of the king's motorcade. You may need the divx codec from this site to see the video.

In short they pics are

  • a mural depicting the thai crane peace bombing
  • the wall of photos of missing tsunami victims
  • The whiskey and coke that did me in, I'm happy to report I've felt fine ever since.
  • An ad encouraging tourists to come back to the west coast
  • More details from the tsunami victims wall
  • a sunset over the river. There are a few hundred folks doing an hour of aerobics behind me, nightly at sunset.
  • boat on the beach at hua-hin
  • picture of the king, taken at hua-hin. Its probably 3 stories tall. Similar ones are all over the place. He isn't particularly macho looking, but they love him madly.
  • me updating the journal at the beginning of hua-hin's night market
  • looking down the street just as the night market is starting to come alive. About half a mile straight ahead is the beach.
  • I went to the zoo: tigers, zombie otters, dwarf tyrannosaurs, blue elephant atms, pygmy giraffes feeding on giant mushrooms, and thai elephants. I tell you this place has it all!
  • Parliament at sundown
  • I had a mini hotdogs wrapped in bacon. MMMM fat! Everything else on the cart was mind bogglingly authentic, so I think the thais must like em to. Good people those thais.

  • Sorry for not directly linking to the photos, but even building the contact sheet and the small versions was a bit of work. I'm ready to move on. I've got a craving for some indian food, so I've come to china town, via a water taxi for the afternoon.

    Somehow that all makes sense.