February 4th, 2005

New pictures Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I'm in Chiang Mai, northern thailand. In a day or two I'll do a border crossing into Laos, then take a slow boat down the Mekong River.

I've put up new photos.


I like the thumbnail format a bit better this time. The FULL images aren't up, but if want one just drop me an email.

Disclaimer: Trying to capture a person in a one sentence description is error prone. Take the 'bios' with a monolith of salt.

  • Free daily 1hr aerobics class at sunset by the river, very close to Apple Guest House and Khao San Road. Very popular and an amazingly hard workout. Seems most thai grandmothers could kick my butt.
  • Joe Moynahan - the 'activist' described as reminding me of Berkeley in a previous journal entry
  • Homes by the canal in bangkok, at night
  • The little negotiator who got my 'bones'
  • Marion and I on her last night, she's the one who has been visiting Apple for 21 years
  • One of the squat toilets you'll here me gripe about. To flush you scoop water from the pool in the upper left. No paper products go down the drain, they sit in the garbage can. Oh my aching knees!
  • My bones are back!
  • Bangkok at night by the canal
  • Helga and Christopher, danish hippies who had just returned from Laos, good times and advice
  • Mark Norris, author returning to Cambodia to work on a novel. Read a sample of his work here
  • Todd Feinstein, a sailor from NY/San Diego
  • Me, Jeff Bobish from Celera, and Jen. We bumped into each other on my last day in bangkok at the Grand Palace.
  • N. Chalam K rode up from Bangkok with me on the train. He was proud to tell me he had 3 sons, but communicating I wanted to know how many daughters, proved more difficult than you'd expect. We struggled with language, but got along wonderfully on the ride.
  • I like trains
  • So do monks
  • Jonesy like cigarettes. Sort of a ringleader for a dangerous group of thugs, last known location: Laos
  • They were going to meet their new internet brides
  • Sky, from north of Vancouver, and William (aka 'Nightmare' are also part of the gang). Sky adds some art to a guitar, while Nightmare tries to think of something more dangerous than his last trick. If you're real bad I'll teach you the 'Tequilla Nightmare Shot'.
  • Here we are after Muay Thai kickboxing. The new guy is Ben, fittingly he's "The Quiet One". It seems thai food vendors are not trained in framing and composing a photo shoot.
  • Much of my next day was spent shooting pool with Liz and Mark, who are near the end of 18months on the road.
  • Lee seems to be traveling with them, but I don't think it was for anywhere near 18 months in his case. He also shoots a mean game of pool. By the end of the day we had taught each other every variation on pool we knew. I've got one new one now 'Killer' which works for any number of people, to add to my significant list of game variations. Most importantly there was finally a deck of cards near the pool table, so I got to play by 'Burmese Rules' which I haven't done in 2 years.
  • Any bets on when I'll finally break down and shave?
  • The tuk-tuk drivers here are much more friendly than bangkok. I often talk with the guy who own the pink one with Al Pacino in Serpico (great flick!) on the side, even though I've never ridden with him. That is him on the left, with a monk just a bit further down the street.
  • Patrick Casey flew in with me on the same plane. We've been out of touch for a while, but here I am running into him on the street. He had a bad wipeout on a motorbike while heading to Pai. One way or another he seems to find chaos and ride it like a wave. He and 'Nightmare' will be in Laos at the same time, and if they pair up --- fear.
  • Me updating the paper journal in a nice little park.
  • A guy in the park with great english was thrilled to be able to teach me all about the history of the park.
  • This dragon (~12 inches long) is made from a cleverly frayed piece of rope, then painted. Its really quite impressively done, although I've now seen quite a few of them.
  • Today is day 1 of a 3 day flower festival. Today is mainly a market, with different groups showing off their finest ones. Glorious orchids reminded me of Steve Johnson, and the roses, of the Berkeley Rose Garden in the hills. Tomorrow the festival will be parades, floats, monks and beauty contests.
  • A cup of fresh strawberries, but they add salt, not sugar. Which actually works well. Adding sugar seems sort of redundant, but of the 2 I guess its still what I prefer.
  • Most boy's school uniforms have these heavily boy scouts inspired design, even into their late teens. Can you imagine trying to get a school of boys in the US to wear pink scarves, everyday?
  • There is also some video of the kids if the photo doesn't quite capture it. They're taking turns being taught how to direct traffic.