March 3rd, 2005

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Despite Laos's best effort I'm still alive and currently in the former french capitol, Luang Prabang. My boat down the Mekong River, was having engine problems before it left. Then it managed to break off the rudder during a shallow section. The boatman pulled us over to a beach, started tearing up parts of the boat, so that he could hammer and nail together a structure to support the rudder. This and several other engine problems slowed our trip until after sundown. Navigating the Mekong during the dry season is tough even during daylight. At night it becomes impossible. So we managed to wreck the boat on a rock. No one was injured, and by leaning and paddling we managed to keep afloat for a few minutes till we hit another beach. From there we arranged a second boat across and slightly down river, and from there a truck for the final 20 minutes.

How was your day?