March 27th, 2005

Araceli in Thailand, new photos

Araceli and I have spent a few days taking a proper vacation. A tiny little bungalow not more than 10 feet from the clear blue waves over a coral reef. Being me, I still chose an area devastated by the recent tsunami, Ko Phi Phi.

We stayed on the northeastern edge of the island which was relatively unaffected by the waters (translation: they found their tv up the hill, but no one was killed), but which has been ravaged by the disappearance of tourists on which the local economy is almost solely based. Case in point, our resort normally has about 30 people in its 20 bungalows. There was never more that 7 people in 4 bungalows during our time there. But it meant our money went to a good cause (Pon and her family), and as people hear our tale it will help bring back the tourists.

New photos are up!