April 6th, 2005

volunteer work

Everything has fallen into place nicely. I'm now teaching computers (windows basics, ms word, frontpage, powerpoint) 6 days a week, for 2 hours a day, to a class of 11 students, as well as some additional teaching to some of the teachers and staff. I've spent time setting up their network on the 6 machines, and removing a ton of spyware from their 'office' machine. The students and staff are largely Karen refugees, who live at 'Hsa Thoo Lei'. Pronounced saw-thew-lay, the name means 'school without evil', a reference to Kaw thoo lei ('land without evil') the sadly mythical karen homeland.

Here is a blub I've stolen from their materials.

Hsa Thoo Lei is a beautiful and bustling boarding school and
orphanage. Nestled between mountains and rice paddies, yet hidden
behind a tin wall, the powerful and vital education being provided at
this school could easily be missed. However, despite the excellent
work and dedication of the staff and students at Hsa Thoo Lei, the
school has distressing hardships to overcome. With two hundred and
thirty-seven students, one hundred and twenty of those living
permanently at the orphanage and sixteen teachers, there is an
understandable lack of space and resources to accommodate the
ever-growing demand.

But for now I need to prepare for class.