November 9th, 2005

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I'm in the airport in Stockholm. 24 minutes of internet left at which time I'll hop on a plane. Back to DC to do a hopefully quick meeting with the NIH, and then onto my next plane. While here I've spent 1 week bumping around Stockholm, Uppsala, and Malmo, as well as one week in copenhagen denmark. Trip has been great, because the people have been great. Everyday someone would chat me up, and somewhere in there they'd mention that "It'd be nicer in the summer, the weather is warmer and people are more friendly". That may be true, but it speaks to something of a national identity crisis. People said this every day. Not during idle chit chat, but real conversations. They seem to be a bit convinced they're just not friendly.

Narrativeless observations:
Naomi and Evan gets big points for Backfican and Le Petit Tortus which became favorite resturants.

Both countries were great, but just not as 'foreign' as I've gotten used to when travelling. While pleasant, it was often like being home, just with more bicycles.

... and clean streets, old buildings, and lots more beautiful people.

They really do live an die on bicycles. I've seen quite a few minor bike accidents which isn't too surprising given that the whole city looks like a critical mass rally.

Andrew Dalke was in Sweden while I was here, but we didn't discover this until it was too late. Its too bad, since he and I seems to have oddly parallel lives. We both has the same High School computer teacher about 6 years apart. Now we both do software consulting in Python for the life sciences.

I also met Stefan Norberg, a guy who's written for O'Reilly, and speant a pleasant day seeing the Vasa Museum with him and little Matilda.

Skype rocks.

Many more folks and stories, but we seem to be lining up. See you all soon.