August 22nd, 2006

Back to Hsa Thoo Lei, Mae Sot, Thailand

todo list
  1. run around a baseball game dressed like a 10ft tall US president.
  2. deal with mail, forever
  3. start a wiki about genetics & disease
  4. move into storage, again
  5. sell virgin festival and bob saget tickets
  6. see jon stewart (again)
  7. get on plane
September 17 2006 I will leave DC, and travel back to Hsa Thoo Lei a school in Mae Sot, Thailand.

The students are primarily Karen refugees, who are very fortunate to have dsl access to the internet. I will spend approx 3 months helping them to make better use of this resource by setting up a wireless network and teaching classes about computers and the internet. If you, or your recently downsized company, can provide *ANY* old laptops I and many others would be eternally grateful. And there is a 501(c)(3) charity involved to ensure you get the full tax value of your contribution . 

This Washington Post
article about Karen refugees provides a nice introduction to who the Karen are. However it mainly talks about the camp at Tham Hin. An old friend from college (Hi Spencer!) is actually involved with helping resettle these folks when they come to the US.

For those of you hip to RSS I've updated to make it easier to find my feeds, as they will probably be updated quite a bit while I'm overseas.