November 21st, 2006

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As I write this, I sit on a tiled balcony overhanging the river.
Thanks to WiFi and a loaner laptop I've full net during my downtime in cambodia.
My office is in the portable drive beside me.
A favorite song from Portishead drifts across the empty guesthouse like smoke.
Three kmher fisherman in a leaky boat cast a few lines then paddle beyond the trees.

One of the reasons to take this vacation was to see what projects have sustained themselves, and which need help during my remaining time. I'm thrilled to see the logs about changes to the school's website. They've been quite busy with it since I've been gone.

They are
* using Don's camera to take photos of students
* getting the photos onto a PC
* used Paint to resize and crop the images
* upload the files
* create small personal pages
* fix grammar, spelling, and structural problems

I can see and revise all of their work even when I am far away

The Frontline video and the online discusion is still not online as I submit this. There was a story in the Washington Post about burma along with some video.  At the top of the article is a panoramic picture to help you imagine 360degrees inside one of the camps in Burma. Latest news is that the Thai government will begin to allow refugees to work. They won't be the greatest jobs, but I consider this a big step forward.