May 25th, 2007

End of the Endless Summer

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The schools remain on the internet. I talk to at least one of the students nearly every day, with about 10 in regular contact. Their ability to read & write english is better than their ability to speak, so we actually have much better conversations now that I am back. Sometimes I answer tech questions (broken machines, spyware cleanup) but they also do audio/chats with friends and relatives who've been relocated. They are members of hi5 (similar to myspace). One seems to have a girlfriend he met online. Most ambitiously, you can read the transcript from my ongoing effort to teach python programming via IM.

A big tablu pahdoe to the kalawa

  • lena's excellent work on the wiki makes it possible for me to keep track of a few hundred kids. After only a few months away, she's back in maesot.
  • megabroad will soon begin a MS in international public health at oregon state.
  • The good folks at
  • Dr. Florentina Kosely now in Heidelberg.
  • Dr. Elisabetta of Maesot

I went surfing in Costa Rica with Dick, Clara, Zoe and a dozen close and personal friends. Then some less adventurous trips to NC, CT, Portland, Seattle, and Boston. Along the way I reconnected with Sean Mullins, Greg Goddard, BrettAndDebbie and Vinnie from LTJ.

My work at SAIC has been launched into a new company

I've continued to geek out with really cool personal projects related to biology and big computers.

Mainly I'm excited about my new job with BioTeam so read my bio blurb.

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