March 3rd, 2008

Isn't it Pythonic

One of my geekiest blog posts lamented the alliances and leadership around my favorite language. Almost a year later it actually attracted some mildly heated comments. Today I'm happy to report that python looks very strong. Here's some stuff I've built in python in the last year:
cheap and easy rent-a-supercomputer from your windows desktop

knows all about the human genome

knows all about YOUR genome

Santa got me an olpc this year, and I'm very pleased with it. But I won't really get to know it until I've done a project. I'm particularly interest in its mesh networking. This has a lot of cool properties but I think these 2 show it well enough.

  1. if there are two of us in the desert with no internet, the machines can see each other and share information wirelessly. This works even better with 100 people.

  2. if one machine in the mesh has internet, they all have internet

That networking model is new, and I want to play with it. Since the olpc is still a bit lacking on games, I hope to create a version of Pong for N players using some of the mesh guts. So these tutorials are my primary reason for going to PyCon08.

But conferences are also a chance to meet new and old friends. If you'll be at PyCon, Next Gen Sequencing, BioIT World, or PSB please say hello.