May 27th, 2008

catching up with down time

I'm in North Carolina visiting my parents. I didn't grow up here, but ~12 years ago my folks bought a nice little house overlooking a lake. Since then most of my family holidays have been spent in a town where I know only these two wonderful people. This isolation tends to give me a an opportunity to do the projects that I find worthwhile. My first year here I did my first improvements to the Less Than Jake website.

This visit has resulted in a Mac version of Promethease. Promethease is a tool to explain what your DNA means. I recently used it to win a contest. My prize is having my own DNA tested. More importantly it has helped to draw attention to SNPedia and its capabilities.

As long time readers of this blog know, it gets more frequent and more interesting updates when I'm traveling. This is partly because life seems more storied when I'm in new places. But it is probably even more due to my reluctance to blog about things which have not yet happened, and the fact that work never really completes. For several months I've known I was (probably) going to the Netherlands for a few weeks for work. But I don't want to blog about it, and show my enthusiasm, only to have to report back if it all falls though. Even today the necessary contracts aren't signed, and I'm reluctant to count this chicken until it has hatched. But if you're anywhere near Wageningen, I'd be happy to swap a few emails, and perhaps meet during my visit (starting ~Jun 15)