cariaso (cariaso) wrote,

The major upgrades this time are WiFi which now covers every inch of the facilities, pr0n filtering via opendns, new machines, and lots of networking voodoo. Programming classes continued, but eventually we switched from Python to Scratch. I've avoided blogging too much about that since it overlaps with my upcoming presentation 'Technology without Borders: Teaching Programming and Internet Skills in Rural South East Asia' at BioIT World.

But the riveting details of overland travel are fair game for an overdue blog post. This trip started in Cambodia, moved through Thailand, and frequently crossed over into Burma. The fact that I even swam to Burma once has got to be some sort of milestone. Hopefully that sounds exotic, since the reality is that I rarely saw anything more than 1 hour away from Mae Sot. The only real exception to that was a week each in Ko Phayam and Pai during my 'What Breaks? Break'. That is when I hit the road to find out what stops working when I leave. Then I come back, and my remaining time is spent ensuring that it doesn't happen again when I really leave.

What broke was internet connectivity and that is my single biggest concern. Network monitoring and near daily chats with students confirm that it has stayed up since my real departure. After graduation it was time to go, but having come this far I wanted to see a bit more of the region. After a few days tubing the 4000 islands of the Mekong river in Don Det, Laos, I finally set foot in Vietnam. I've been catching up on hot showers and internet work among the tailors of Hoi-An. Later today I'll head to the rice paddies and Karst scenery of Nimh Binh, just outside Hanoi. From there I'm off to Seoul to meet Hongiiv. By April 18th I'll pass though DC before presenting up in Boston.
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