cariaso (cariaso) wrote,

Where am I?

I was surprisingly bad about blogging this last trip. That's partly because I was making a presentation about it when I got back, and I didn't want to give away too much in advance. Well I've done that now, so I can share the slides. Naturally they need the narration for the full effect, but it'll have to do.

So you might assume I'm back in the states now. If so, you don't know me very well. Instead I've lined up a job with KeyGene, and am now en route to my new home, the Netherlands. But this isn't the TSP so there is no need to find the shortest path. I've instead taken the train from Boston to DC, then drove to visit my folks in North Carolina, then headed out west to take one long look at the land that I love (often from a distance) and the friends who fill her. Since this is a move, not a trip, I'm carrying more than usual.


I'm now in Iceland, where I'll spend 10 days. But of course Iceland isn't about the days, it about the nights and the nightlife. Ironically their nights look like days. They tell me its got something to do with the earth being a sphere and wobbling like a drunk, which seems plausible.




The weather has been wonderful, the locals are colorful and friendly. Global economic problems have hit here harder than most place which has made this visit more affordable than it usually would be. As always, I'm actually working quite a lot while here. I expect to be a bit better about blogging, but I'm nearly always online and happy to chat. If we haven't talked in a while, drop an email and say hello.
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