cariaso (cariaso) wrote,

Swimming to Maesot

The reason I've come here is not to lay in a hammock counting sunsets, but to volunteer. I'm a fundamentalist missionary from the church of the internet, proselytizing with a fire in my belly that cannot be stopped by Hell or high water. The high water did however force a longer route.

P1060998The bow waves of trucks splashed over the top of my windshield.

P1070004After driving several sections which got progressively deeper, Nonthaburi was finally too deep. I had to turn back, burning hours navigating a new route.

P1070010North of Chai Nat it wasn't standing water, this one flowed like a river.

P1070014At the origins of the Chao Phraya river nearly the entire 1st level of this building was submerged.

P1070020Outside the flood zone, supply lines had been cut. Here was a 7-11 which had almost nothing to sell.

Undeterred, the car and I made it, crossing 2850km together as I arrived in Maesot (map, wikipedia) my home for the next 3 months.

P1070077 P1070074 P1070049 P1070032 P1070079 P1070069 P1070080

I didn't come for the pretty scenery, the generous accommodations, the sporting events, fine dining, spas or nightlife.

I've returned for the 4th time, to Hsa Thoo Lei, a school of 800 refugees from Burma. I teach computers, internet and programming, install networks, remove viruses and do whatever other vaguely related tasks seem possibly helpful.

P1070114 P1070098 P1070088 P1070093 P1070081

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