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Not even close to a white christmas


Open these 3 links to see thumbnails of all of the photos

P1070833Most of my students are Karen and they celebrate the new year according to a lunar schedule. This year that was on the evening of Dec 24/25, better known as Christmas to most of my readers. Out here Christmas is celebrated on a different day, apparently the 29th this year. That may seem strange, but the Dutch celebrate it on the 5th, so I've come to accept the confusion.

P1070817Karen new year is a celebration of Karen culture. Each week I drive to Kaw Tha Blay to teach computers, and on the 100km drive I pass Mae La Refugee Camp, a guarded city of bamboo and leaves with ~50,000 residents. This year it was hosting some of the Karen New Year celebration so I was (more or less) allowed in to watch the students sing and dance.


P1080024 P1080128 P1080029

P1080093 P1080082 P1080123

At sunrise they raise a massive bamboo sculpture

P1080053 P1080064



Mae La isn't just Karen. Its a city of 50k people. Muslims, Christians, Animists and Buddhists. No metal or concrete, all structures must be bamboo and leaf. No jobs, but quite a few schools. When the ceremony was over, I went off in my santa hat, to pass out candy to kids.

P1080165 P1080172 P1080183 P1080162 P1080192 P1080228 P1080146 P1080160 P1080207 P1080198 P1080230

For quite a while I helped a monk practice his english, while letting the novices play games on my phone until the batteries needed reincarnation.

P1080278 P1080251 P1080244
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