cariaso (cariaso) wrote,

Heat Stress and Chillin in China

About a year ago, I did some data analysis on how Brassica uses microRNA to respond to heat stress. The data was produced by Prof He Yuke's group here at the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences. My analysis work was enough to earn me a spot as a co-author on the published paper, but I'd never actually communicated with any of my Chinese contributors. This week, we've been making up for
that. In particular, lead author Yu Xiang picked me up at the airport, took me to a few restaurants, joined me for the Urban Planning museum and generally made life pleasant. I've returned the favors in the only way I know how, hacking perl and playing linux administrator. WeiLi Zhong isn't on the paper, but she's booked my train tickets, and helped me locate then haggle for warm clothes to replace the Thailand attire that just won't cut it for the rest of this trip.

On Sunday I'll take a train to Wuhan, to spend a few days visiting a human genomics company still in 'stealth mode'. You will forgive me if I don't say much more. Tuesday of the following week is Chinese New Year. I've seen the San Francisco version of the holiday, with lion dances, lanterns, and enough firecrackers to remove all 10 Billion fingers here. I expect the mother country version to actually be a bit more subdued, but only time will tell. On the 24th I head to Harbin, for the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Feb 1 sends me to Seoul for the Korean Genomics Organization's Winter Symposium a mix of Next Generation Sequencing and Skiiing. By March 1, I'm back in Washington DC to resume work for KeyGene INC.
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