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More Travel, More Protests

"The blog goes quiet when I'm stable in one location" well there is no excuse, because I'm definitely not in a stable location.

Tuesday afternoon I moved out of my Rockville, MD apartment, then Suhyeon and I drove her new car down to Hickory, NC for Thanksgiving with my folks. Friday morning we drove back to DC and I flew out of Dulles and into Abu Dhabi, en route to Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, Thailand. I was supposed to catch a flight from the other airport (Don Mueang) to Maesot, but I couldn't get to that airport in time. Instead I was standing at the checkin counter while my plane was taking off. Originally that would have been a big problem, but shortly after I booked the travel, the wedding of Min Min Soe was postponed a few days, so I've got some time. Min Min Soe was one of my students the first time I taught here, back in 2005. I'll be seeing him, and Chitlay/Kpaw Htoo, for the first time in many years, along with many old friends and students. Rather than pay top dollar for the next flight, Instead I've taken the A1 bus to Mochit bus station, where I'm killing 11 hours waiting for the bus to maesot.

As usual there is a political crisis timed for my arrival. As usual it is about Shinawatra, with a few deaths and mass protests of the red shirts vs the yellow shirts. Last time this was happening, I was sitting in the same bus station, watching video of tanks rolling into the city. No tanks yet, but otherwise, Same old same old. At least there is no flooding this time.

Whenever I finally get to Maesot, I'll work my way a bit further north, to Mae Tam to begin 3 months of computer teaching at Kaw Tha Blay. I've taught here before, but it has never been my permanent base. Cathy and David who founded the school have had a satellite internet connection, and with it I feel I can finally focus on the material I want to teach, internet literacy, and perhaps computer programming, while maintaining sufficient connectivity to maintain my work for Keygene and SNPedia.

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